Marketing Automation Comes To BAM


Back in the beginning of August I told you all about the next big thing for our team – marketing automation. To BAM, marketing automation was all about providing registrants and website visitors personalized content based on online behaviours – what they click online, in eblasts, etc. At the time, if you recall, I mentioned how excited we were about the benefits that this type of relationship building creates for our clients.

Well, as of this week, I’m especially happy to report that we’ve deployed our first set of emails – and if you’re registered with Queensville, one might already be in your inbox. Six versions of our first personalized community eblast were created and deployed to registrants based on survey questions they answered during the registration process. We’ll now be able to gather extensive after-the-click tracking on each email so that we can further craft personalized messaging that will speak to the individual interests of the recipients. This is no different than the customized content that sites like Amazon or eBay generate for their customers.

Our newest team member, Zoë Ong, is quarterbacking this new initiative. Zoë, who previously worked at itracMEDIA, a marketing automation firm, is currently in her second week here at BAM. She has a strong background in the field and, when asked, had this to share on the topic:

“Marketing automation helps you target the right people more effectively. It only makes sense to use a user’s interests and browsing habits to deliver meaningful content they want to see.”

BAM is thrilled to have Zoë on the team, and I’m confident that she will help us take our digital thrust to the next level because the stats speak for themselves – 63% of companies that are outgrowing their competitors use marketing automation software. In the end, the real value added is the relationships this type of marketing creates between our clients and potential homebuyers – and we’re excited to be a part of it.

To Suburb or Not To Suburb – Population Growth Raises Dilemma for Homebuyers

Toronto’s population will increase to 6,682,061 by the year 2025, which represents a generational spike of 59.2 per cent. This will make Toronto the 24th most crowded city in the world – a rank higher than New York City. This is a huge increase and, as per the Provincial Growth Plan, this extreme growth will be managed by (among other things) intensification. This creates a new dilemma for first-time and established homebuyers – do we move up or move out?

The implication is that depending on your preference, you can either live a condo lifestyle (full of urban opportunities) or move out – meaning outside of the city core. A 2014 Home Location Preference Survey (by RBC) revealed that the latter is becoming ever more popular with 42% of respondents indicating that home buyers (assuming equal home costs) would prefer a detached home on a modest lot, townhouse or condo in a suburban location (within walk or bike to amenities). They also indicated that they’re willing to commute 30 or more minutes as long as they had access to the GO. This number is an increase from 39% in 2012. This trend is also reflective of the economic reality as 82% said that affordability affected (or would affect) their purchase.

This trend can definitely be seen when you look at the immense interest in Queensville, a development project outside the GTA core that is heavy on amenities making it possible to do everything (even work) right within your community. As well, the recent opening of the 404-highway extension creates potential for quicker (than usual) commutes into the city. Likewise communities such as Sean Homes in Barrie is more than accessible by GO Transit, and offers home buyers an amazing value.

Buyers want it all – a suburban experience with the amenities of its urban counterpart. The Provincial Growth Plan is making this a reality as a way to manage the growth of our province. What are your thoughts? Click here to check it out the 2014 Home Location Preference Survey for yourself.

Ontario Just Made A Major Improvement To The Ontario Building Code (OBC)


Starting in 2015, Ontario builders will be allowed to construct buildings for business, mercantile and residential use – up to 6 stories – out of wood. Previously, wood buildings could be maximum 4 stories. Builders had long tried to amend this rule. There was active opposition, from groups such as the Canadian Steel Construction Council, the Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute (CSSBI), and other Canadian and US steel interests, who claimed (among other things) that cutting trees for building wasn’t environmentally friendly, masonry buildings last a lot longer and – probably more obvious – wood burns easier than concrete and steel.

British Columbia had already passed a similar act back in 2009 after much debate. It ended up being a perfect solution to help them unload the dead timber that resulted from the pine beetle epidemic killing approximately half of the province’s commercial pine. Guess what? They haven’t proven to be more dangerous than other kinds of buildings. They are comparable in terms of fire/life safety, strength and durability, and seismic performance. Wood also has the lowest embodied energy of any building material – so using it can potentially reduce a development’s carbon footprint.

I think that allowing 6 stories will improve affordability and increase the number of projects/sites, which will become viable. Previously they would have been built out of concrete which is much more expensive and especially unviable for 4-6 stories. It’s great to see the government making decisions that are of benefit to all – consumers, builders and suppliers.

You can check out the official statement from the BILD President/CEO Bryan Tuckey about the change to Ontario Building Code here.

BAM’s Client Appreciation Day

Every year, BAM hosts a client appreciation day.  I started this annual occasion as a way to let our clients and suppliers know that they matter to us and to thank them for their continued business and loyalty. Building and maintaining client relationships is a central part of what we do at BAM. I’ve watched these relationships blossom and grow over the years and I can say honestly that the whole team looks forward to client appreciation day each year! Over the years, it’s transformed into a day where we not only thank our clients and suppliers, but we spend the day enjoying each other’s company and celebrating a year of success. This year, team BAM invited clients and suppliers for a day on the water in Muskoka. We had a fantastic turnout and it was great to see everyone.

Here is sneak peek of how we spent the afternoon. There’s a full album of photos on our Facebook page, too.

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A special thanks to Paul, Carrie, Rob and Nikki from Empire Communities, Stephanie and Amanda from Brookfield Residential, Dino and Marilyn from PACE Developments, Dave from Lancaster Homes, Rocco from Beyond Signs, Colin from Lifeline Graphics, Susan and Dionne from Wall2Wall Media and Judy and Andy from PMA Brethour.

I always stress the importance of communicating openly and honestly with our clients – it’s essential to ensure our interactions are effective for both parties. BAM client appreciation day will continue to be an annual tradition because I truly believe in working together as people rather than business contacts.




Introducing Our Newest Client


One of my favourite times at BAM is announcing when we have a new client. I’m so thrilled to say that day has come again! Over the last several months, the team has been working incredibly hard bringing this new client to life. We’ve gone from strategy to execution in four short months. I’d like to introduce you to our newest project – Queensville.

Queensville is going to be the next amazing new town in Ontario. With over 6,000 houses planned, this project exceeds anything we’ve ever done inside the walls of BAM. Our team is very proud to be working on this new client and is showing it love and dedication every step of the way.

We’ve been given the opportunity to team up with three of the most experienced and trustworthy builders in Ontario. The best part? They’re just as passionate and visionary about this project as we are. We’re so excited to be building this amazing new destination.

As always, we’re backing this project with a dynamite team of inspired individuals. When it comes to the marketing of Queensville, BAM is truly adding our own special touch. In order to maximize customer experience from the very start of this project, we’ve implemented marketing automation into each of our practices. What’s that? It’s just a fancy way of saying that we’re providing each customer with a personalized experience. We’re confident this is going to set Queensville apart from the rest.

Here’s a little bit more information about Queensville so that you can get as excited as we are. First is the incredible location. It’s going to be its own private destination, but connected to everything! It neighbours Aurora, Richmond Hill and Markham and is connected to Toronto by the 404. The home designs will pay tribute to the family with spaces inside and out where family can enjoy being family. We’re planning 36’ and 45’ homesites with a limited line of boutique townhomes.

Thanks to my incredible team at BAM for their hard work on this project! I know each of us are looking forward to continued success as this incredible development unfolds.

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