The Power of A/B Testing



Testing, testing, 1,2,3. The concept of A/B testing isn’t much more complicated than that! Using A/B testing is the practice of randomly splitting your registrants or users into groups, and offering each group a different version of content. For example, if you are trying to test the effectiveness of a subject line, newsletter, different version of a website or an ad, you would present each group with a different experience. After the test, you’ll be able to measure which option is driving the most desirable behaviour. Sounds great, doesn’t it? We agree – and that’s why we do it!

At BAM, we strive to give each of our clients the best the digital world has to offer – and this includes A/B testing. We feel the key to success here is having a rigorously controlled process that generates reliable and accurate results. For instance, we know the importance of controlling our variables. We know that offering a user one option this week and a different option next week is not going to provide accurate results. User behaviour changes week over week – and we pay attention to these kinds of details!

Our A/B testing practices ensure speed, accuracy and effectiveness. We use A/B testing in our email marketing to determine the preference of a small percentage of our list before blasting the winning content to the remainder of the list.

Currently, team BAM is experimenting with different colour schemes, different calls to action, different landing pages and different page structures. “The ultimate goal is to see which combinations of these elements on a page drives the most conversions”, says our Digital Advertising Manager. We are always looking for “the next big thing” for our clients. Stay tuned next week as we discuss how Marketing automation is the new digital frontier – and how we’re rocking it at BAM.



Smart Homes: How Automation Technology is Transforming the Home

home auto


We’re all adjusted to the modern conveniences of our smart phones – but what about controlling our homes with the touch of a button? What if we could program our homes, communicate with our homes and rely on them for self-sufficiency? Believe it or not, these once outrageous seeming requests are a reality. In fact, they’re expected to continue popping up in more and more homes.

Home automation technology has been around for several decades, but the industry has been slow to take off. But, according to ABI Research, it looks like that’s about to change. They’ve projected that the home automation industry will grow to $14.1 billion in worldwide revenues by 2018. Looks like this technology is something we better get used to! At BAM, our focus will shift to encouraging builders to offer these new technologies in order to stay current and attract the younger generation. Here are four gadgets to look out for.

Smart Thermostats

The Nest Thermostat is a fine example of smart thermostats. The nest is programmable and capable of learning your habits and heating or cooling your home accordingly. The company is now rolling out a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that connects to WiFi and interacts with the homeowner through its smartphone app.

Digital Backplash

Believe it or not, digital backplash is a growing trend for kitchens! They are installed above kitchen countertops and below cabinets where traditional backplash would go. These intelligent walls can display pictures of artwork, find your favourite recipe on the Internet or pull up your security camera feed.

Smart Lock System

Smart lock systems grant keyless access to your home though Bluetooth phone recognition technology. They also allow you to customize their lock – this means you can monitor access to your home and no more locking yourself out of the house!

Smart Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen is becoming ‘smarter’ thanks to high-tech appliances from Samsung, Miele, and LG Electronics. Smart refrigerators like LG’s keeps track of the contents inside! It does this by scanning your receipt and alerting you when an item is about to expire. It can also recommend recipes based on stored contents and when you need to replace items, you can order online via the fridge’s LCD display screen.

Further validation for automation technology can be seen inside companies around the world.  Many offices are getting on board with smart technology and teaching their employees how to stay ahead of the curve. Naturally, this translates to better customer service. If the employees are well versed in hot technology, customers are going to learn why they need it as well! Besides, who wants to live in a home with outdated technology?

So, what do you think? Is home automation technology here to stay?

Meet Our Summer Intern



Meet Sandra Kadhum, BAM’s new summer intern.  As part of our partnership with Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) and FRAM, BAM is offering an internship to one worthy student for the summer. You might have heard of Soul Condos? FRAM is the building group behind this amazing project!

Sandra is currently a student in the Radio Television Arts Program at Ryerson University. She says her future goals are to attend George Brown College for Special Events Planning or Humber College for Tourism and Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism. After graduation, she hopes to become a successful independent businesswoman.

During her three-month internship with BAM, Sandra says she hopes to gain a lot of knowledge working with the team and already loves it here. “I think it’s going to be a great experience because I love learning about marketing, advertising, and social media,” says Sandra. She hopes to leave her internship with us having made great working relationships and contacts.

BAM is thrilled to have Sandra on the team for the summer. We know she will be a valuable asset to our team because she is eager to learn – and we are eager to teach! Over the next three months, we will be giving her the opportunity to learn about our Social Media, Client Services and Operations. We are looking forward to hearing her input along the way as she works with each department.

Welcome to the team, Sandra, from everyone at BAM!

Team BAM Attends Exclusive Google Branding Event

Andrea Schwebel & Michael Gregoris at Google Partners 1 Year Anniversary Party in Toronto

Andrea Schwebel & Michael Gregoris at Google Partners Digital Marketing Party in Toronto

BAM attended an exclusive Google Partners event last Friday. To show their appreciation for the success of Google Partners over the last year, Google invited two representatives from our team. A member of our eBAM department and a member of our Client Services department were pleased to attend.

The event was hosted during Google’s first-ever Think Brand Week – a week of seminars and an interactive exhibit showing some of the best digital work from around the globe to brands and agencies. The event certainly got our creative juice flowing! There was a collection of advertising and ideas that demonstrated creativity and cutting edge technology.


We enjoyed the hands-on demos and great conversation with other industry professionals. Some of our favourite exhibits were the Google Glass virtual glasses, the Molson Canadian passport fridge and the huggable Coke machine.  We really felt the love for the Coke vending machine because it required an open-armed hug before it would dispense a can of Coke! We also didn’t mind Google’s incredible wall of donuts and candy bar!

hug coke

Google put on a great event and it was incredible to see the best brand campaigns from around the world, and the technology that is shaping the future of advertising. Thanks to Google for having us!

For more pictures of the event, you can visit the BAM Facebook page.

Celebrating at the 34th Annual BILD Awards


Team BAM was in full attendance for the 34th annual BILD awards last Friday. The whole team was thrilled to be part of such a magnificent event. The room was packed with home-building and land development industry professionals – and we couldn’t have been more excited to be part of it!

We’re pleased to announce that two of our clients took home BILD awards from the ceremony. This year’s Green Builder of the Year (Low-Rise) was awarded to Empire Communities. This award recognizes outstanding leadership in green building practices. Empire Communities demonstrates dedication to sustainability from the site planning stage through to their home designs and construction, and we’re proud to be part of their team when it comes to strategizing and marketing this green edge. Way to go, Empire Communities!

Empire WIN

Brookfield Residential and BAM were awarded with the newest BILD award for the year – best new video. You could hear team BAM cheering on our clients as they accepted their awards.

Brookfield WIN

We’re proud of all of our clients for their focus on quality, innovation and industry leadership this year. Each finalist deserves a pat on the back – hard work and dedication were really evident this year! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my amazing team at BAM for their contributions.

A great night was had by all – we enjoyed seeing all of our industry friends and celebrating everyone’s success together. Here’s to another great year ahead! You can check us out on Facebook for more photos of the night!

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