eBAM’s Latest Campaign: Weaver’s Mill by Eden Oak

BAM is proud to be working on Eden Oak’s exciting new community in Georgetown, Weaver’s Mill. This campaign is digitally oriented, with the aim to engage its younger target market. Weaver’s Mill can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Weaver’s Mill community blog.

We went with a fashion theme to showcase the stylish features and finishes that make this community so unique. People will have a choice of four fresh interior themes that reflect  their own style.

Here’s how we’re using social media for this e-marketing campaign:

1)      Updates – users on Facebook and Twitter will always be up to date with the latest news at Weaver’s Mill. We give our potential customers instant updates and all the current news on sites where they’re already spending time, instead of forcing them to open our emails and visit our external website.

2)      Fun – users can participate in contests and games, do a fun survey and tag pictures of themselves. We kicked off the campaign with a free makeover contest for anyone who joins Weaver’s Mill on Facebook or Twitter. We will continue to host a series of more games and contests to engage users, encourage registrants, and heighten excitement about the community.

3)      Interaction and involvement – users can interact with Weaver’s Mill’s community coordinator or with other members on Facebook or Twitter. People can meet new neighbours and have their questions and concerns addressed quickly in this interactive environment.

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