Video: A Powerful Tool in BAM’s Arsenal

We’ll fill the house for you.

What is that Chinese saying again? The one about a picture being worth a 1,000 words?

I wonder what they would say about a moving picture.

Moving images have always been extremely powerful. When early movie theatre audiences watched a clip of a train charging toward the camera, they scrambled out of the theatre, thinking their lives were in danger.

Today’s audiences, for all their sophistication, continue to respond in a visceral manner to moving images (which I’ll refer to as “video” from now on).

Thankfully, video is no longer limited to TV. In fact, TV-viewing rates keep decreasing while people turn to the likes of YouTube, Netflix, and iTunes on their computers and handheld devices.

This is great for us marketers. Spreading video over the Internet is incredibly cheaper than on TV. It also allows us to track views and to target different audiences with more precision.

And thanks to modern technology, making video is also far cheaper than it has ever been.

We at BAM like to make the most of technology and current trends to help our clients market their product. And video is a great way of doing that. When your potential homebuyers watch their future home on a screen, for example in a video tour of a model home, or when they hear and see people offering a testimonial, they suddenly become more receptive to your message. Videos can give you a face on your website, engage people reading your emails, and lend a personal touch to your social media presences.

Videos, in one word, are the ultimate resource to establish an emotional connection with your audience.

This isn’t just an opinion. Video content can boost your website’s SEO, which ultimately reflects on people’s increased interest in your content.

BAM can make you a punchy video that will deliver a big impact for a low cost. We can provide a whole range of videos, from quick web-based videos to super produced professional videos.

Check out our Video Portfolio on our website, or watch two of our latest creations here:

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