John Amardeil is the previous President of BAM Builder Advertising and Marketing (now Coolaid Studios), and a current Consultant for Coolaid.

With an MBA from York University and an extensive background in the new home industry, John Amardeil has, since 1984, established an outstanding track record with respect to the marketing and sale of new homes in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Beginning his career with Wimpey Homes, John has worked for some of the most prominent builders in Ontario including Camrost Developments, Penta Stolp Corporation, Mattamy Homes and Tribute Communities.

As President of BAM Builder Advertising and Marketing from 2000-2018, John grew the company until it was known as a key player in the new home industry. He worked with dozens of innovative builders and developers on groundbreaking, interesting projects that at times helped to change the face of the industry. In an increasingly technologically-driven world, John focused on developing the strategic digital marketing side of BAM, until it became the company’s main expertise.

John has marketed and sold well over 50,000 new homes – a track record that would undoubtedly facilitate the expeditious marketing and sale of any new home project.

After an incredible 17+ years in business, John has stepped away from BAM in order to have more time to do the things he enjoys in life and has earned the ability to enjoy – spending time with his wife Karen and at his cottage in Muskoka, racing his car, skiing, and travelling.

He’s also open to new real estate opportunities and business ventures. Want to connect? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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