“President’s Special” Grabs Attention

BAM is helping Empire Communities launch a huge fall campaign. Empire wanted to increase their selling momentum so we brainstormed ways to engage more people. We created a loud and exciting “President’s Special” campaign. The ads depict the President being so overwhelmed with great deals that he rushes to write them out on post it notes, burying himself in the process. The hand-written deals in red writing and fluttering post it notes create urgency and excitement about the great deals on offer at Empire.

A cutout board of the President at the sales centre can be updated every week, as new deals are written out on post it notes and stuck to his face. This allows Empire to update their deals constantly, keeping the campaign and offerings fresh, personal, and urgent.

This campaign aims to strike a nerve with today’s buyers, who are recovering from tough economic times and looking for homes with great value. Everyone’s looking for a deal, and this provocative campaign promises them just that.

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