Will real estate buying become a social activity?

Facebook LogoAccording to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, real estate buying and
other major purchases could become a social activity like never before.
“Designing products around people will be universal… will not just be
Facebook,” says Zuckerberg. The founder of the world’s largest social
network believes we’re entering a new era of internet-based social
activity wherein the “default is social” and things like shopping for
big ticket items will be centered around people as opposed to the actual
things and objects they’re purchasing.

In other words, buying a home just might become more of a party, where
you invite friends and family to go with you to check out possible homes
to buy. It won’t be as much about the home as about the interaction of
multiple people and the “event” of home buying. I believe it’s always
been about more than just buying a home – it’s buying into a social
atmosphere, a community, a dream for a new life.

Zuckerberg believes that every industry will be affected by this social
effect, including the automotive industry, the fashion industry, and the
real estate industry. He explains that when speaking face-to-face we use
our knowledge about the person to assign value to what they’re saying.
Thus real estate advice from a friend or family member has more value
than advice from a stranger on the street, even if they’re giving you
the same advice.

Social NetworkingThis of course raises some interesting questions:

How large a role will social media play in real estate? Will everyone be buying a home online? Or it will it be more for the social butterflies?

Is social advice you get from friends more important than outside facts,
photos and information about the house you’re buying?

How will a merger of social media and real estate manifest itself?

We can imagine for example that people in the future might browse a
virtual representation of their future home (which has yet to be built)
and invite their Facebook and Twitter friends to browse the virtual copy
of the home as well, using virtual avatars. Using something similar to
Google Street View, they could also explore the neighbourhood and learn
more about the place they might be living.

Exciting ideas for BAM to consider as we develop marketing strategies
and advertising campaigns that will appeal to the next generation of
online users!

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