The Art of Perception

The way we act is because of the way we perceive things.

Have you and a friend ever looked at the same thing, but taken away two very different ideas of what it was?

The Spinning Dancer is just one example of how people can be certain of what they’ve seen, yet there is actually more than one way to look at it (if you stare long enough at the dancer, you may see her rotate the opposite way).

BAM is in the business of creating/enhancing customers’ perceptions of our clients’ offerings. The way you interpret a website we’ve designed (see below), for example, will depend upon many factors – your experiences, upbringing, influences, education, even your mood.

That’s why we work hard to create work that not only stands out, but that really represents our clients and the best they have to offer. We try to embody our clients’ products, philosophies, and the people behind it all. Then we construct a detailed plan of how to approach the market: Do we use drawings or photographs? What style of renderings? Should we use colours which evoke comfort and warmth, or excitement and energy? Do people look mostly left or right on their computer screen?

Since, as they say, “perception is reality,” we always try to put our clients in the best light possible so that customers will see them in the positive spotlight they deserve.

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