Earth Day 2011

Earth Day has been around for over 40 years now, and tomorrow we celebrate it again. While reading today about the origins of Earth Day (thanks to Mason Homes’ twitter for the article!), I was reminded again how Earth Day has its success at such a grassroots level. It’s the individuals caring about our planet, our environment, and our health who make a difference. Governments and corporations often choose to act more sustainably but it’s because of all the individuals and families who care enough to make their voices heard.

This year’s Earth Day has the theme “A Billion Acts of Green.” It won’t be one massive act that will change the way we live, but when we all act in unison, change happens.

Environmental protection and living sustainably are essential in today’s world. It’s especially a big issue in the new home builder’s world; our clients challenge themselves to build as efficiently and smartly as possible, both by trying to eliminate waste in the building process and by building homes that are energy-efficient and have features designed for sustainable living, like solar panels.

Kudos to all those trying to make a difference in the world!

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