Do You Like a Good Deal?

raw coins & leaves... (part 2)

So, do you like a good deal?

If you’re Canadian, you most likely do. At least that’s what a new report says as quoted by the Toronto Star last Tuesday.

This makes sense. Who doesn’t like a good deal? Doubtless people of all nationalities are happy to pay less.

The difference, according to the Toronto Star, is that us Canadians are among the most likely in the world to “buy on a deal.”

In fact, we rank second only to Italians in deal-hunting.

Think about that. Second in the whole world.

What do these stats prove? What do the popularity surges of sites like Groupon and Toronto-based Dealfind prove?

Nothing that we didn’t know before. I’ll grant that. But they do make a stronger case that we must create a sense of urgency in potential homeowners and that we must create the perception of value.

We must give something away—or they will walk away into the arms of the next homebuilder, the one who is offering a deal.

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