Do You Know Everything You Should About the 2012 Ontario Building Code?

It didn’t really shock me, upon reading my blog’s 2011 summary, that the year’s most frequently viewed and commented-upon post was Summary of Changes Introduced in the 2012 Ontario Building Code, which I wrote after attending the OBC 2012 Get to Code Workshop last October. The second most popular post also dealt with 2012’s OBC.

Not all diplomas are valuable. This one is.

Obviously, people out there have an interest in the new code. And so they should: as I explained in the aforementioned articles (as well as this one), the new code stands to simplify builders’ lives. Of course, it also ensures Ontario homeowners get a better product for their money and that the environment gets preserved.

While I remain open to questions and comments, I highly recommend to all our clients and all Ontario builders that they register for one of these upcoming seminars (the first is on February 6 and the second on February 8).

Hurry, though — they do sell out quickly.

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