On Bowling and Marketing

BAM went bowling last night.

What does this have to do with real estate marketing?

Everything, as it turns out. Because last night we went bowling with Empire Communities, a longstanding client of ours. This was actually their idea, but it resonates with me because I’m a big believer in having close ties with our clients.

On a superficial level, having close ties with a client makes work so much easier. You just can’t help caring even more than usual when you’ve had fun together and when you’ve talked about topics unrelated to work. It’s just human nature.

On a deeper level, close ties are automatically established when you and your client stand on the same side of the fence. It sounds basic, yet many agencies only look out for themselves. Likewise, many clients don’t help their agencies excel at the work they’re paid to do.

I for one would rather butt my ahead against a client’s if I knew their direction was against their best interest. I could just take the money and do as I was told. But that’d be the easy way out. And no one who cares should take the easy way out.

What are your thoughts about client relationships?

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