Do You Know About This Marketing Opportunity Ending Soon?

One of our best campaigns was Empire Communities’ ECO² brand. Eco-building and sustainability are essential to Empire’s identity.

Being utterly convinced that sustainability is way more than just a buzzword, I not only sit on the EnerQuality Board, but have also pushed BAM to be massively pro-green building.

This is why we’ve helped convert many clients to ENERGY STAR construction and beyond. We’ve also marketed some of the greenest builders around, winning quite a few awards in the process — builders like Mason Homes, Brookfield Homes, and Empire Communities.

In my mind, the more green builders there are, the better for the industry, for homebuyers, and for the market.

As I write, the deadline to make the most of a great opportunity looms lies just around the corner. While the industry transitions to the next generation of ENERGY STAR for Homes standard, builders may continue to build to the previous, more lenient standard — provided they register their project with EnerQuality by June 30.

This means you only have 9 days left, should you decide to follow this path. (You’ll also have to close by June 14 of next year.)

Let this tight timeframe pass, and you’ll have no choice but to build to the new, higher standards.

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