Another BAM Day

Work Hard Play Hard…

Work hard, play hard. I’ve always been a believer in this philosophy. And because our team at BAM has been working so hard lately (with much more to come), we’re having ourselves a BAM day tomorrow.

I wasn’t part of the committee that organized it all, so I’m not really sure about what’s happening in the morning, other than it’s a scavenger hunt and that everyone’s excited about it. (Those who organized the scavenger hunt aren’t just excited — they have too amused a gleam in their eyes.) Here’s hoping they won’t make me jump out of a plane again.

As for the afternoon, it promises to be more relaxing — we’re going on a boat cruise on the lake with some of our clients. That should be a fun, well-deserved break for all concerned, one that will only reinvigorate us for the coming week.

Do you organize events with your team? What did you do last time?

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