Progressive Is In

Two weeks ago at the BILD Awards, I loved seeing so many progressive projects win.

Here’s why.

As I’ve written before, many of today’s consumers have a pent-up craving for fresh new interiors and exterior living. They may not want to live in a condo, but they do appreciate the sleek condo approach — even if they’re moving to a low-rise community in the outskirts of the GTA.


Take our client Highmark Homes, whose community Triumph is opening soon in Whitby. For the first time ever in the region, homebuyers will get a chance to buy a home that combines cutting-edge finishes and contemporary exteriors — all without having to move to expensive Toronto.

What’s more, Triumph features Vanier Park, a 3-acre park billed as the spot for “the young and the young at heart.” We could’ve offered the usual gazebos and trails and so on — and we did. But we also kicked it up a notch and offered a splash pad and a zip line.

And that’s what today’s homebuyer wants — better, newer, more modern, and different — all for as low a price as they can get.

Challenging? Yes. Exciting? Hell yes.

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