Robots are Your Friend: Why I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Drone

In today’s techie environment it’s easy to take progress for granted. We almost expect every new product, gadget, gear or gizmo to break boundaries. We suffer from innovation expectation.

When I think back to my early days and how much the social and business climate has changed I wonder what could possibly be next. With all the talk of technology’s evils we often forget the great opportunities progress has provided us with. We’re more connected than ever, more frequently in the know and have no shortage of convenience. All thanks to progress.

The thought recurred to me while working on our client Byron Hill’s new project, in Pierson Lakes, New York. Developed in the serenity of a forest and overlooking the beauty of two remote lakes, the region is located only 29 miles from the centre of Manhattan.

We were faced with some challenges of how to best capture the top-down beauty of the area while still retaining the important details of individual homesites. The solution we came up with was simple, robot drones.

Our film crew went out to Pierson Lakes with a radio-controlled quad-copter, mounted with a hi-def video camera and the results speak for themselves. I especially liked the shot that began in a living room and flew out of a balcony door to soar above the lake.

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