The BAM Team Visits Two of Our Flagship Showrooms for Empire Communities

The BAM Team Visits Two of Our Flagship Showrooms for Empire Communities
Last week, the BAM team took a field trip to visit two of our flagship community showrooms for Empire Communities, our biggest client. The first community we visited was Imagine, located in Niagara and the second was Wyndfield, located in Brantford.

The BAM team who put these inspiring showrooms together executed their strategy and designed everything, from the layout to the cafe sections, from the multi-media displays to the touch screens. The trip was a great way for the team members who don’t normally have the chance to visit our sites to enjoy the fruits of their labour and take in the finished projects.

As different people take on different responsibilities throughout the process, it’s a pleasure, as BAM President, to witness the team tackle their individual tasks and bring everything together. From designing the interactive touchscreens to the layout of a small cafe, many gifted people put their personal spin on things. For the team members who may have helped from afar, this was an opportunity to see everyone’s accomplishments and our vision come to life.

The BAM Team Visits Two of Our Flagship Showrooms for Empire Communities
In all honesty, we visited the two best showrooms we have ever produced. I hope the visit allows us to see every aspect of such a major project. For many in the BAM squad, these showrooms were their babies and as much as the visit was a reward for hard work and dedication, I hope the team begins thinking about how we can produce something better next time. It won’t be long before we’re back to the drawing board and I’m witnessing, once again, an immense pride in what we do.

See the full gallery of our field trip on the BAM Facebook page.

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