Introducing Our Newest Client


One of my favourite times at BAM is announcing when we have a new client. I’m so thrilled to say that day has come again! Over the last several months, the team has been working incredibly hard bringing this new client to life. We’ve gone from strategy to execution in four short months. I’d like to introduce you to our newest project – Queensville.

Queensville is going to be the next amazing new town in Ontario. With over 6,000 houses planned, this project exceeds anything we’ve ever done inside the walls of BAM. Our team is very proud to be working on this new client and is showing it love and dedication every step of the way.

We’ve been given the opportunity to team up with three of the most experienced and trustworthy builders in Ontario. The best part? They’re just as passionate and visionary about this project as we are. We’re so excited to be building this amazing new destination.

As always, we’re backing this project with a dynamite team of inspired individuals. When it comes to the marketing of Queensville, BAM is truly adding our own special touch. In order to maximize customer experience from the very start of this project, we’ve implemented marketing automation into each of our practices. What’s that? It’s just a fancy way of saying that we’re providing each customer with a personalized experience. We’re confident this is going to set Queensville apart from the rest.

Here’s a little bit more information about Queensville so that you can get as excited as we are. First is the incredible location. It’s going to be its own private destination, but connected to everything! It neighbours Aurora, Richmond Hill and Markham and is connected to Toronto by the 404. The home designs will pay tribute to the family with spaces inside and out where family can enjoy being family. We’re planning 36’ and 45’ homesites with a limited line of boutique townhomes.

Thanks to my incredible team at BAM for their hard work on this project! I know each of us are looking forward to continued success as this incredible development unfolds.

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