We’re Growing…Digitally


It’s no secret that digital marketing is becoming the main focus for many agencies. There are many reasons for this: it’s more immediate, innovative, cost-effective and impactful. With the average Canadian spending 41 hours a month online, Canada ranks second across the globe in Internet usage, behind only the United States with 43 monthly hours on average. These numbers show that the bulk of the country’s consumers are living their lives online. Marketing has becoming more regionalized, and more localized – even more individualized. Breaking free from the constraints of traditional advertising is allowing marketers (like us) to create immersive experiences that take campaigns to the next level. This means that in lieu of static solutions, we have an opportunity to really interact with homebuyers in ways that we never could before. We can deliver tailored content to the right audience, at the right time, which amplifies our results.

We embarked into the digital realm years ago, and it’s thrilling to see how it’s paid off. As an example, I spoke about marketing automation a few times last year – and I can tell you that as we continue to develop and implement it into our clients’ campaigns, the results we’re achieving are everything we hoped they would be.

The numbers don’t lie: print is in constant decline, and digital media is now bigger than national TV advertising. Here at BAM, we’re extremely passionate about digital – and we’re not just talking the talk, we’re walking the walk. Currently, we offer a number of services to our clients, such as personalized web experiences and email campaigns, innovative social media advertising, digital/interactive site plan tables and much more. We’ve grown, and are continuing to grow, our team as well as our capabilities. Digital, as we predicted, is proving to be the future of our company. I’m excited about the projects we have on the horizon.

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