Cloud Services: Changing The Way We Work


Everything you need, whenever you need it.

The concept of the cloud may still be a bit murky for some. However, for those who have been using it regularly on their devices, it’s easy to understand how it’s changing the way we do things. To explain the cloud, it’s quite simply the online storage of data, content, and shareable projects. Think of it as a literal cloud that holds everything you need, allowing you to access it wherever you are, on whatever device you’re using. Apple, although they didn’t invent the concept, definitely popularized it with their iCloud service. iCloud easily backs up and stores all of your data, making lost contacts and files due to a broken phone a thing of the past.

It’s only getting more complex, robust, practical, and affordable – and that means it’s likely to become more widely adopted and implemented into the workflow of agencies and workgroups everywhere. Here are a few examples of how the cloud has the potential to change agency workflow:

If you’ve been following Adobe, you’ve probably noticed that Adobe began using a cloud-based service a year ago called the Creative Cloud. This service entails monthly access to the entirety of their library, constantly updated automatically, as well as a cloud-based portfolio. This functionality is wonderful for agencies that have multiple people working on various projects. It also allows seamless collaboration with off-site freelancers. Your portfolio is also accessible on the go, so you can easily show off drafts to clients right on your iPad.

Speaking of sharing amongst workgroups, there’s also Dropbox, which has proven to be a favourite amongst users. They offer several business plans, which allow teams to organize, store, and share large files easily within the cloud. If you’re sharing extremely large files, you can easily share from one Dropbox account to another Dropbox accound in seconds.

The cloud is slowly becoming a standard, and with encryption and data plans slowly starting to catch up, they will surely be the way that all data is stored online in the foreseeable future. One day, most major cities in North America will move forward with plans for free citywide Wi-Fi. Once that’s in place, we’ll likely be purchasing laptops and devices with little to no physical storage, and enhanced cloud capabilities, which will make them more affordable.

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