We’re Bigger And Busier Than Ever


A few weeks ago, we celebrated a very big milestone for BAM – 15 years in business. It’s exciting to see not only how much we’ve grown over the years, but also how much we’re continuing to grow as a company. Our team is bigger and better than ever before; in fact, we’ve had to knock down walls and expand the office to accommodate everyone. To top it off, we’re busier than ever – in fact, we have four openings taking place this month alone!

In the coming weeks, our client Kaitlin Corporation has Presentation Centres opening for Lakebreeze, a master-planned waterfront community in Bowmanville, and Sunderland, an amazing new home community in Sunderland, Ontario. Also, our clients Lancaster Homes and Falconcrest Homes have a Presentation Centre opening up for Summervale, a new community in the heart of Bowmanville. Lastly, we have Pine River, a community by developer/builder Zancor Homes and builder Lancaster Homes, opening in Angus. When we launched the community store in Queensville, we were confident that we had raised the bar in terms of what we, as a company – and team – were capable of accomplishing. I’m excited to see the culmination of all of our tireless work come together as we launch these new Presentation Centres.

From digital marketing, online advertising and touchscreens, to digital site tables, videos, and websites, we’re growing in every sense of the word. Last year was one of the biggest years in our history, and it’s looking like next year is going to start with a bang! I look forward to sharing the new Presentation Centres with you.

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