Facebook Lead Ads


Facebook ads are an invaluable tool for any advertiser to have in their arsenal; however, it’s not ideal in every situation. Dependant on your project/client goals and the depth of available content, ads may draw an audience, but fail to convert properly. Facebook recently rolled out a fantastic solution, Lead Ads. These ads allow users to quickly and easily register without having to leave the Facebook platform – or even their timeline. This ensures that you’re capitalizing on initial interest, and not allowing any potential confusion on the website to sway the registration decision.

The ads feature a call-to-action button, which – when pushed – opens up a full-screen, pre-filled form. As the user is already logged in, the application knows their email, name, and location. There’s also the ability to add additional fields if you require more info. Once completed, the user can either visit the website or just close the form and continue their Facebook experience. This method does have the drawback of generating a lower click through rate, as users are only directed to the website once they sign up. Before setting up a Lead Ad campaign, ensure the potential results fit into your defined measures of success. At this point, the ads cannot be integrated into your 3rd party lead management system, meaning you’ll have to develop your process for gathering and inputting the sign-ups. They can be acquired under the publisher tools on your page, and downloaded as a CSV file.

The ads are currently only available for users who use Power Editor to create and monitor their ads, which means that it’s really for more advanced users at this stage. As well, carousel ads aren’t available with this feature; however, our contact at Facebook has noted that this is something that advertisers can look forward to soon. Early results from our campaigns – and case studies available from Facebook – show a very promising cost per conversion. It will be exciting to see how Lead Ads will affect advertisers, and clients, as it becomes more of a go-to ad unit on the platform.


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