Another Step Towards Online Home Purchasing


Recently, to make the home buying process even more simplified, we introduced an online reservation system on the Pine River website for our clients Lancaster and Zancor. Our system is integrated into the builder’s CRM, so while browsing through the selection of towns and detached home designs, users can select their favourite and choose/reserve their preferred lot within a real-time community site plan. It is also programmed for architectural control, meaning users can only put home designs on appropriate lots. The tool is even able to tell them the grading, closing date and final price – including all premiums. To top it all off, the site lets users save/view their favourites, remembers recently viewed designs, and displays popular designs to buyers based on their browsing habits.

The next step is for buyers to visit the Presentation Centre (of their chosen builder) in person, and finalize the deal. Their hold is only placed until the Saturday of that week These innovative features provide more control than ever over the process by allowing prospective buyers to fall in love with – and lock in – a home and lot without any roadblocks.

This is extremely exciting for the team here at BAM, as we’ve been continuously working toward the inevitable ability for buyers to make a complete purchase online. With electronic signatures now being legally binding, the concept is entirely viable; there has already been some success with online home sales overseas. With the increasing complexity of the sites we’ve been building for clients, buyers are currently able to make a near-purchase decision, and in more than 80% of the cases, a full purchase decision before they step foot in the Presentation Centre. Allowing them to take the next step, right then and there, seems like a logical progression. It also opens up the possibility of virtual sales centres, or even just live chat attendants, which would let buyers talk to a representative right on their device and clear up any concerns or misunderstandings.

This online reservation system is an enormous accomplishment and an exciting look at what’s to come here at BAM. It’s one step closer to our goal of making the home buying process a fully digital, and seamless, experience.

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