AI Video Development Is The Future Of Content Sharing


It’s no secret that video is the king of shareable online content. Larger media publishing brands, like Mashable – for example – have been rolling with this trend, and developing daily, timely, and relevant video content that is generating unprecedented levels of engagement. In fact, Facebook reported, as of early January, that its platform has over 100 million hours of video watched each and every day. For smaller brands, though, such a high turnaround of videos can be daunting, expensive and unrealistic. A handful of new start-ups, however, are offering tools that eliminate the need for in-house video production, or any video production for that matter. Welcome to the dawn of artificially intelligent video making.

Two companies, Taiwan-based GilaCloud and USA-based Wibbitz, have developed online dashboards that allow you to turn articles your brand is already creating into visually compelling summary videos, complete with royalty-free background music. Both services use AI technology to scan your online articles for keywords, highlights, and overall tone, and instantly comb the net for corresponding images (from services like Getty Images and Reuters), video, or necessary sound bites. They then arrange them into a branded, HD video ready to post across all of your networks.

Granted, these services are far from free and don’t advertise their prices publicly. The costs, though, when stacked against the expenses of equipment, editing, and music/image clearances, are likely to be more than reasonable; as well, there’s the fact that you can develop an unlimited amount of content for a set monthly/annual fee. It’s unlikely that these two companies will be the only players in this field for long. Will AI become the future of video development?

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