Facebook Is Changing The Game With Live Video


Facebook has changed the world in many ways. It’s revolutionized the way we communicate with our friends and families. Not to say that they were the first social network ever, but they have ultimately become the most prominent network – and one of the most successful tech start-ups in history. They’ve made some tremendous strides over the past few years, adding new tools to enhance the ability for both brands and individuals to share content, but recently, they’ve kicked things up a notch with the introduction of live streaming video.

Live streaming offers a few exciting options. Firstly, it allows the host to receive comments and feedback simultaneously, facilitating a conversation. Secondly, it delivers notifications to all your followers/fans that you’re going live. This is huge. Lastly, it archives your live content. The significance of that feature is that if – for example – if a builder were to host a live walkthrough of a home, or facilitate a conversation with the staff at a Presentation Centre, they can easily share the video after the fact for potential homebuyers who may be interested in the same community.

This new feature could become an extremely valuable tool for agencies and realtors to keep in their toolbox, as it takes a lot of the costs and third party headaches often associated with live streaming away. All you have to worry about is delivering the best content possible. Evidently, as Mark Zuckerberg is demonstrating with his live chat with astronauts currently aboard the International Space Station, the platform’s possibilities are truly endless.

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