A Monumental Opening For BAM


It all comes down to the opening. The creative, the website, the ads, the digital marketing strategies – everything. True success hinges on the number of interested names we generate, and how they react when they visit our Presentation Centre. It’s literally the culmination of all of our hard work. And it can be quite overwhelming, especially when the results exceed our expectations. This past weekend, my team and I proudly held the opening for the upcoming 6000-home community Queensville, located in East Gwillimbury. From top to bottom, it was easily the biggest and best sales centre we’ve done here at BAM.

When we were first approached this project, I had a vision of it being a new benchmark for how Presentation Centres should look and operate, and the result has far exceeded what I dreamed. From a digital standpoint, it’s loaded with incredible features, such as touch screen displays and real-time site maps that allow homebuyers to view and select available lots, which simultaneously update online when they’re sold. There’s also an interactive community video, light-up scale model, and video screens around the space, just to name a few.

From a purely aesthetic perspective, the Presentation Centre is flawlessly designed, and effectively showcases all three of the communities’ builders – Aspen Ridge, CountryWide and Lakeview. To say it’s beautiful would be an understatement.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 9.14.10 AM

It was an incredibly large undertaking for us here at BAM, and I couldn’t be more proud of my team for all their hard work. The proof of our vision, strategy and commitment is the sales – in fact, numerous home styles sold out this weekend. It’s more than that though, because we’re not just selling homes; we’re providing opportunities, bright futures, and new lives to families.

Eventually as a result of our efforts here at BAM, Queensville’s community store will facilitate the sales of 6000 new homes, and I just couldn’t be more honoured to be a part of it.

BAM’s Client Appreciation Day

Every year, BAM hosts a client appreciation day.  I started this annual occasion as a way to let our clients and suppliers know that they matter to us and to thank them for their continued business and loyalty. Building and maintaining client relationships is a central part of what we do at BAM. I’ve watched these relationships blossom and grow over the years and I can say honestly that the whole team looks forward to client appreciation day each year! Over the years, it’s transformed into a day where we not only thank our clients and suppliers, but we spend the day enjoying each other’s company and celebrating a year of success. This year, team BAM invited clients and suppliers for a day on the water in Muskoka. We had a fantastic turnout and it was great to see everyone.

Here is sneak peek of how we spent the afternoon. There’s a full album of photos on our Facebook page, too.

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A special thanks to Paul, Carrie, Rob and Nikki from Empire Communities, Stephanie and Amanda from Brookfield Residential, Dino and Marilyn from PACE Developments, Dave from Lancaster Homes, Rocco from Beyond Signs, Colin from Lifeline Graphics, Susan and Dionne from Wall2Wall Media and Judy and Andy from PMA Brethour.

I always stress the importance of communicating openly and honestly with our clients – it’s essential to ensure our interactions are effective for both parties. BAM client appreciation day will continue to be an annual tradition because I truly believe in working together as people rather than business contacts.




BAM Day: Survivor Style

Once a year, the whole team at BAM takes a well-deserved day away from the office to engage in team-building activities. This year’s theme was: “Survivor Style”. The team got going bright and early last Wednesday morning and took a ferry out to Centre Island. This year was one for the books!

In teams of five, we were subjected to competitive challenges that tested our problem solving skills, team-collaboration, communication styles, creativity and strategy building. It was basically a day around the office – but with brightly coloured lei’s for team markers.

The winning team started the day with the motto “win at all costs” – and it certainly paid off! It was great to see everyone working together to strengthen our already amazing team spirit. Practicing effective collaboration is important at BAM and Survivor Day was no exception to the rule.

Here are some shots of our incredible team putting their skills to work!

photo 4-8


photo 3-2




During our day on the island, we had a special treat for lunch – tacos cooked over open flame by one incredibly talented chef. Everyone enjoyed fueling up after a morning packed with competition and fun. For more photos of Survivor Day, check out BAM’s Facebook page.

Thanks to everyone for another amazing BAM Day – until next year!

Team BAM Attends Exclusive Google Branding Event

Andrea Schwebel & Michael Gregoris at Google Partners 1 Year Anniversary Party in Toronto

Andrea Schwebel & Michael Gregoris at Google Partners Digital Marketing Party in Toronto

BAM attended an exclusive Google Partners event last Friday. To show their appreciation for the success of Google Partners over the last year, Google invited two representatives from our team. A member of our eBAM department and a member of our Client Services department were pleased to attend.

The event was hosted during Google’s first-ever Think Brand Week – a week of seminars and an interactive exhibit showing some of the best digital work from around the globe to brands and agencies. The event certainly got our creative juice flowing! There was a collection of advertising and ideas that demonstrated creativity and cutting edge technology.


We enjoyed the handson demos and great conversation with other industry professionals. Some of our favourite exhibits were the Google Glass virtual glasses, the Molson Canadian passport fridge and the huggable Coke machine.  We really felt the love for the Coke vending machine because it required an open-armed hug before it would dispense a can of Coke! We also didn’t mind Google’s incredible wall of donuts and candy bar!

hug coke

Google put on a great event and it was incredible to see the best brand campaigns from around the world, and the technology that is shaping the future of advertising. Thanks to Google for having us!

For more pictures of the event, you can visit the BAM Facebook page.

The BAM Team Visits Two of Our Flagship Showrooms for Empire Communities

The BAM Team Visits Two of Our Flagship Showrooms for Empire Communities
Last week, the BAM team took a field trip to visit two of our flagship community showrooms for Empire Communities, our biggest client. The first community we visited was Imagine, located in Niagara and the second was Wyndfield, located in Brantford.

The BAM team who put these inspiring showrooms together executed their strategy and designed everything, from the layout to the cafe sections, from the multi-media displays to the touch screens. The trip was a great way for the team members who don’t normally have the chance to visit our sites to enjoy the fruits of their labour and take in the finished projects.

As different people take on different responsibilities throughout the process, it’s a pleasure, as BAM President, to witness the team tackle their individual tasks and bring everything together. From designing the interactive touchscreens to the layout of a small cafe, many gifted people put their personal spin on things. For the team members who may have helped from afar, this was an opportunity to see everyone’s accomplishments and our vision come to life.

The BAM Team Visits Two of Our Flagship Showrooms for Empire Communities
In all honesty, we visited the two best showrooms we have ever produced. I hope the visit allows us to see every aspect of such a major project. For many in the BAM squad, these showrooms were their babies and as much as the visit was a reward for hard work and dedication, I hope the team begins thinking about how we can produce something better next time. It won’t be long before we’re back to the drawing board and I’m witnessing, once again, an immense pride in what we do.

See the full gallery of our field trip on the BAM Facebook page.

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