The Ongoing Quest to Go Beyond the Digital Frontier

Here at BAM, we’re always looking for not just the latest thing, but the latest revolutionary thing. The thing that’s going to change the way people live, the way people think.

While you might think of your cell phone as a necessity, as a daily need along with your morning cup of coffee, it’s actually one of the most powerful technological tools that you can have.

And we’re harnessing that, on behalf of our clients.  Take, for example, the recent information compiled at The Next Web:

Cell Phone Usage
Via: Online IT Degree

The numbers are staggering. So we think that we should embrace these statistics and run with them. If people are using their phones to access and process all this info, shouldn’t we be delivering our info to them there?

Recently we’ve been using SMS (text message) campaigns and QR (Quick Response) codes, which enable people to do things quickly and easily while on the go. We can text registrants with to-the-minute news or reminders; people can scan a QR code from one of our client’s signs or ads and be led to their website in a nanosecond; and people can even register or get a link to a video online just by sending us a text message. All of a sudden, sending out emails to convey information seems so 2008.

Technology is rapidly changing and BAM is staying ahead of the pack, bringing info to potential homeowners in the fastest, most convenient and appealing way possible.

Life moves fast these days, so use your phone to help streamline and keep up.  We certainly are.

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  1. Paul
    Mar 09, 2011 @ 07:52:15

    Hey John, this info graphic was recently debunked check your Next Web Link for an updated copy.


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