Why You Should Be On Facebook and Twitter

Perhaps you think Facebook and Twitter are for young people. Or that it’s just people chatting about inane things like what they’re making for breakfast or which movie they’re watching. Sure, there’s some of that, but for the most part, if you link up with people in your field, they’re great venues for networking and sharing ideas.

But don’t just hop on board and then abandon your accounts. These social media sites beg you to engage on a somewhat regular basis. But don’t worry, you’ll be rewarded: you’ll be introduced to new people and ideas, learn about events you wouldn’t otherwise know about, and so much more.

Many people lump Facebook and Twitter together, but they’re not the same and shouldn’t be treated as such.

Facebook is a place to engage in conversation while still being able to promote yourself. While you can reach out to other people and businesses, this is more of a closed-circle than Twitter (Note: If you’re going to do business on Facebook, be sure to create both a personal profile and a professional page. That way, you’re not sharing personal information on your business page and vice versa).

Twitter provides short texts that often include clickable links that are visible to the public. You only have 140 characters per “tweet” so you have to really pack your message with punch in very few words. The most exciting feature of Twitter is that because it’s an open circle, your reach is much, much wider (think of that old shampoo commercial, “And they told 2 friends and so on, and so on…”).

If you are serious about your business, then you should get serious about Facebook and Twitter.

Check out BAM on Facebook and follow me on Twitter – @JohnAmardeil.

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