The Real Reasons Why Mississauga Now Embraces New Urbanism

Mississauga and TTC stop here

Not very pedestrian-friendly.

Hazel McCallion, the long-time Mississauga mayor, has had a change of heart.

According to a recent Globe and Mail article, the same Mayor who “presided over a proliferation of cookie-cutter subdivisions” now champions intensification, pedestrian-friendly streets, and integrated transit.

And to prove she’s a true convert to New Urbanism,  the Mayor just inaugurated a new public square and opened a new Sheridan College campus. She also says she’s working hard to build a Convention Centre in downtown Mississauga within the next 10 years, as well as a new stadium, a larger museum, and a larger art gallery.

More to the point, the Mayor also wants to make Mississauga a pedestrian-friendly city and to host architectural contests for all future downtown buildings.

To me, the most interesting part in the article came when the Mayor was asked why she’s doing all this only now rather than when the core started building up.

To answer the question, Ms. McCallion implied landowners and developers were responsible. Then she added that the city needed more control over site plans.

Whether landowners and developers are responsible or not for the suburban feel of Mississauga, its lack of street life, and its wide bustling roads, I think the real reasons why the Mayor now waves the New Urbanism flag are:

  • All the greenfields have already been consumed.
  • Mississauga needs revenue from development changes.
  • Smart Growth legislation is forcing intensification and redevelopment on Mississauga and all municipalities.
  • The city will get more revenue from property taxes.

Read the article here.  As always, I welcome your thoughts and feedback.

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  1. Monarch at Ridge Hill
    Jul 29, 2011 @ 15:46:32

    Kudos to Mayor McMallion for embracing new urbanism! The improvements she is making for Mississauga will really benefit the community in the long-run, especially the focus on making the streets pedestrian-centric. We’re excited to see how the the mayor’s steps in the right direction will alter the chemistry of the city.


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