Using Technology to Appeal to an Unexpected Demographic

There’s a myth that only the young appreciate and use new technology.

It doesn’t pay to buy into that myth.

Mason Homes’ Port Hope Golf & Country Club is a community designed for empty nesters looking for an active lifestyle.

It would have been predictable to brush aside new technology to target this demographic. It would’ve also been safe and boring.

Wanting to address our client’s potential homeowners in an innovative way, we first decided to make music part of the campaign theme.

With that in mind, we peppered classic song lyrics on the community’s website, knowing they would appeal to homebuyers who finally get to kick back and dance to the beat of their own drum.

Port Hope Golf & Country Club's Sales OfficeAgainst all odds, large touch screens and iPads played
an important role in a campaign aimed at empty nesters.

Next, we made large touch screen displays and iPads part of the design of the Port Hope Golf & Country Club Sales Office. Our goal was to incorporate technology in an unobtrusive manner that:

  1. Served a practical purpose, and
  2. Highlighted the campaign’s theme.

Here’s how it worked.

Upon entry into the Sales Office, visitors were asked to register on an iPad, and at the same time they were invited to select a song from a playlist on the iPad, which began playing right away throughout the Sales Office.

Next, visitors were invited to browse the Sales Office, where large touch screen displays had been set up displaying home renderings, floorplans and other pertinent information. 

The opening was a success. Many a visitor said they were impressed by how user-friendly the experience had been, despite their having never used an iPad before.

In the end, using technology in our client’s campaign accomplished several important goals:

  1. It allowed us to highlight an older generation’s adaptability and willingness to embrace new things.
  2. It incorporated fun and whimsy into the space, making our visitors feel current and young.
  3. It allowed us to display multiple products at once, which made comparison easier.

So much for old myths.

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