Touchscreens Everywhere

Much is made, in blogs and social media, of the potential of touchscreens in the real estate realm. I for one have already blogged about this topic, commenting on the successful use of touchscreens in a presentation centre that catered to empty nesters — not the first demographic to come to mind when touchscreens are involved.

The attention is understandable. Touchscreens can, after all, help answer a typical question of most homebuyers: what will the community and the homes look like?

True, scale models and presentation centres provide them with an idea, but touchscreens have the potential to take this idea to the next level by allowing consumers to interact, zoom in and out, choose different finishes, compare home models side by side, and more.

Consider the videos below:


People’s interest in touchscreens isn’t limited to their choice of homes. My social media staff tell me giveaways and contests involving an iPad invariably get a very high response rate. The iPad, it seems, is a foolproof way to get people involved – no matter what the demographic is or where the community is located.

Interestingly, touchscreens aren’t just influencing the way we marketers peddle our wares or homebuyers decide which new home they should buy. An increasing amount of people in the industry are using iPads to show ideas to clients as well as to check their email and calendars.

That’s exactly what I did two days ago — I finally got myself an iPad. Having one will allow me to do what I wrote above and also to understand the technology and the product better.

Now I turn it over to you. Have you used touchscreen technology to market a product?

Do you have an iPad or a tablet? If so, did the experience change how you use touchscreen technology as a marketing tool?

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