BAM Creates Another Green Brand

Mona Lisa, Louvre, Paris

Great art alone doesn’t equal great advertising.

Some advertising agencies have great creative. They produce stunning graphics and appealing copy and catchy slogans.

But that’s all they do.

At BAM, we do our best not just to excel in terms of creative work, but to help develop each client’s marketing strategy.

Why? Because we believe clients deserve more than just great creative.

Take Lakeview, our latest client. Lakeview is developing a new 400-home community in the town of Shelburne. Called Greenbrook Village, this new community will feature bungalows and two-storey homes from $249,990 on large, traditional 40-foot homesites.

Attractive as the package was, we figured it could use a little something extra. Something guaranteed to entice potential homebuyers. Something that’s not only perceived as good, but also helps homeowners save money.

On all counts, nothing beats a green brand.

Having already developed award-nominated green brands ECO² (for Empire), Green for Life (for Mason Homes), and Green Saver (for Brookfield Homes), we know from experience that they can only benefit builders. Green communities help consumers live a healthier lifestyle and save money, and of course the world benefits too. By promoting these advantages to consumers, we help our clients sell more homes,all while doing well for the earth.

With this is mind, BAM will repackage the Greenbrook Village community as a green community—one that’ll be built to EnergyStar rating, offering homeowners energy savings and home comfort unlike anything Lakeview has offered before.

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