How Much Will Facebook Change Its Business Products in Response to Google+?


Things just got a little easier.

Last week, I blogged about Google+ and why marketers should embrace it.  I’m not alone: this site recommended businesses learn Google+, this one quoted social media expert Chris Brogan as saying that the “new network will be a powerful tool for business owners to connect with customers online,” and a third site brought up some of the same points I made in my blog post.

With such an interest in the new social network, I wasn’t surprised to read that Facebook just revamped its privacy settings, making it easier for users to control who sees what and whether they were tagged in a picture (which they can then untag), among other welcome changes.

(Facebook representatives said the changes were introduced because of user feedback, but I suspect it felt compelled to act because of Google+ and its much-praised privacy controls.)

Of course, these changes are aimed at the individual users and not at the Facebook pages that marketers create for our clients. But with so many voices suggesting marketers and businesses get familiar with Google+, I for one wouldn’t be surprised to see revamped settings for Facebook pages in the next few months.

What Facebook features would you like to see changed?

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