Welcome To My Google+ Profile

Having blogged here and here about Google+, it was only fitting I create my own Google+ profile. This is in addition to my Twitter account and this blog.

Despite a promising start, there’s no guarantee that Google+ will take off. (Read this thoughtful article by someone who thinks it will, and read the comments below the article by people who think it won’t.)

One way or the other, it’s my duty as a marketer to explore all possible venues that may help our clients spread their message. Especially when so many potential homeowners start their search online.

With that in mind, my intentions are:

• to explore the new platform,

• to spread BAM’s message further,

• to share links and comments, and lastly,

• to see whether it will be practical to create Google+ accounts for our clients (whenever Google allows business pages to be created).

As a side note, I found no GTA-based builders on Google+. Neither could I find many GTA-based marketers or advertisers. Younger realtors are the one group of people in the industry who seem to have embraced the new platform.

So if you’re on Google+ and read this blog, add me to your stream!

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