Do You Sell Benefits or Features?

Mason Homes' Green for Life

Who wouldn't?

I was very pleased to learn last week that Mason Homes won EnerQuality’s award for Best Green Marketing Campaign (which we developed).

Called Green for Life, said campaign highlights the immediate, practical benefits that homeowners can derive from living in a Mason home and a Mason community. These include increased health and well-being, as well as saving money thanks to reduced water and energy consumption.

In other words, Green for Life is first and foremost about comfort, economy, and happiness. Saving the environment takes a back seat to the daily reality of most people’s lives.

In this, Green for Life differs from other builders’ green-themed campaigns that make the conservation of natural resources their main selling point.

This doesn’t make either product significantly different from the other. For example, most of these homes are Energy Star qualified. It’s their branding that differs.

To be sure, Mason homeowners are preserving the planet and reducing energy consumption. It’s just that they were sold on a different benefit.

My point? You don’t have to be different to be branded and perceived as different. More importantly, you’re better off not promoting features—it’s by drawing attention to benefits that you will succeed in creating perceived value.

As the article announcing Mason Homes’ award said: Green for Life and Mason Homes did “outstanding work in successfully integrating energy efficiency and a green message into their overall marketing program.”

Many people in the industry still work hard at selling features. In our experience, it’s the benefits that people want to hear about.

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