BAM to Launch a Fantastic Community by VanMar Constructors

Last week I blogged about two of our upcoming releases. Today I’d like to talk about VanMar Homes, a client of ours who is also releasing a new community soon.

VanMar is a medium-sized construction company specializing in residential, commercial, and institutional construction. Hailing from BC, it has a solid and illustrious reputation, the kind that only comes after excelling in all types of projects, including a courthouse, a student residence, over 600 units of high-quality multi-family homes, and over 2,000 non-market housing units.

BAM is launching VanMar’s Credit Ridge Estates next month.

After VanMar decided to come to Ontario, it did some shopping around and finally decided to hire BAM. I was honoured — after all, VanMar is the kind of client anyone should be thrilled to have.

Having taken a look at VanMar’s award-studded trajectory and worked closely with its management, I believe the reasons behind its success are its flawless execution and excellent quality control.

The community we’ll soon be launching for VanMar is called Credit Ridge Estates, located in Brampton and featuring estate homes on 50 to 70-ft lots priced from $884,990. I am positive this will too be a success — one of VanMar’s many.

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