Reality Isn’t Always Worse Than Marketing

Promising contemporary architecture and custom chic design, and located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Block is already sold out.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: despite a long career in marketing new homes, I’ve never actually lived in one. In fact, the home in which my children grew up is 80 years old.

Yet today my wife and I found ourselves attending a preview appointment for Block, a  new freehold townhome community by Treasure Hill Developments.

Even more surprising, we didn’t just like it — we loved it.

How we got there

Having recently become an empty-nester, my wife and I began doing what any self-respecting empty-nester would do: we began shopping around for a smaller home.

However, the credit for finding Block belongs not to me but to my daughter Tania, who gave me a call the minute she came across its website. Browsing through it, I was sold when I learned that architect Richard Wengle was involved. It didn’t hurt that Block’s townhomes include a staggered façade, wide glass frontage, flat roofs with skylights, large picture windows, an Energuide 80 rating and upper level balconies.

Delighting your customers

For better or worse, I’m not your typical homebuyer. With 33 years of experience marketing new homes and thousands of visits to sales offices and communities, both before, during, and after construction, I have what you might call a jaded eye.

This is why I’d told my wife to brace herself before we arrived to our appointment.

“We’ll probably have to spend a lot in upgrades to take it where we want it,” I said.

Boy, was I wrong. Consider the following examples, all of which we got at no extra cost:

  • Hardwood floors instead of laminate,
  • A Corian tub surround,
  • Valance lighting in the kitchen,
  • An upgrade from open kitchen shelves, which my wife wasn’t crazy about, to cabinets.

I was blown away. Not only did I find that I barely required any paid upgrades, but I also found that I was delighted. Why? Because Block didn’t let its marketing portray a false reality — indeed, in this case, reality was even better than marketing.

Exceeding expectations is what it should all be about. And these guys did it. I am one happy customer.

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