Why You Should Enrol Under the Current ENERGY STAR for New Homes Standard

Energy Star building

It pays to get there soon.

I recently received a reminder that this is the final week to enrol under the current ENERGY STAR for New Homes (ESNH) Standard.

Specifically, the email stated that the deadline to enrol under the current ENERGY STAR “Common Spec” is this Friday, November 30th.

Having blogged about this before, I’ll just reiterate it’s a very good idea to enrol in the ESNH Standard by the deadline. Here’s why: ENERGY STAR homes are typically more expensive to build, yet if you enrol right now, any home you close by November 30th, 2014 can be built according to the current specifications. And since the current rules are very similar to the Ontario Building Code, you’ll be able to label these homes as ENERGY STAR-compliant, all for little to no cost.

In other words, you get to put the a blue sticker on your home for near free.

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