Living Up To Your Company’s Name


I’ve always maintained good marketing is only possible when you really know what your company is about — when you really know what problem it solves for your clients, and when you live by this identity 24/7.


In the Lakeside Showroom, homebuyers will be able to browse home designs on touchscreens. Read more here.

In BAM’s case, our identity is closely related to our name. Not just because it stands for Builder Advertising and Marketing, but also because we seek to create an impact. Making sure we take our clients’ world by storm is something we must do if we are to remain to true to our company’s vision.

Luckily, our team does just that — day in and day out. Consider all the communities we’ve successfully opened in less than two months:

  1. Lakeside
  2. Triumph
  3. Villagio
  4. Imagine
  5. And now Ten88

That’s not all — we’re also implementing a series of innovations and leading edge items, including multi media displays, web portals, and multi stage openings to different audiences like insiders, brokers and registrants.

It’s one of the benefits of having a small team of dedicated people. People who care, understand the client, and identify with the company’s vision.

What’s your company’s identity? Can it be summarized in a quick sentence?

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