Two Lives, One Platform

iPhone as WiFi-Hotspot

When I wrote about switching BAM to a Mac and iOS environment last year, I didn’t expect the post to be as popular as it was. But it clearly struck a chord with a lot of people who are looking for a practical solution to their organizational and communication needs, whether personal or corporate.

Having recently come across a article in which well-known entrepreneurs talk about their favourite tools, I was reminded yet again of the degree to which many of us rely on technology as we go about our everyday lives.

I for one have come to rely on my iPad and iPhone so much that I carry them both around, sometimes using them almost simultaneously.

What’s more, I use my iPhone for my personal needs as much as I do for work. (I don’t know about current BlackBerry users, but that never was the case for me back when I had my own BlackBerry.)

My favourite iOS apps include:

Which tools do you use on an everyday basis, whether for work or for your personal life? Which platform are you and your company using?

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