Embracing the Dark Side

I’ve preordered the iPhone 5. Are you getting it?

We’ve done it. We’ve done the unthinkable, or at least what used to be unthinkable — we’ve ditched BlackBerry and we’ve ditched Outlook and Entourage and Microsoft servers. We have, in fact, gone Mac. And we love it.

It’s not really surprising. I’ve used an iPod for the last ten years. Recently, I got an iPad, and I love the damn thing. Sure, it’s far from perfect. I even hate a couple of things about it (for example, couldn’t the battery life be better?). But it has sure come in handy in many a client meeting. I’m also using it heavily at home — I just borrowed an ebook from the Toronto Public Library, which I’ll hopefully read over the next two weeks.

Of course, I didn’t make this decision based just on my iPod and iPad experiences. For one thing, I’m concerned about BlackBerry’s future. I also like having a solution that integrates so seamlessly across different devices, from calendars to photos to bookmarks. What’s more, most of my staff use and prefer Macs anyway. Many have iPhones.

Last but not least, the older I get, the more I enjoy trying new things. That’s why I’ve taken up waterboarding and snowboarding. Switching to Mac is a lot less risky and a lot more reasonable.

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