Working Smart Vs. Working Hard

surrey house 3

Is your boardroom an unused museum that only clients get to see?

When you run a company called BAM with a core philosophy of providing impactful solutions, you’d better develop effective strategies that will help you save time and work smart.

We have recently taken to meeting at least once a week in the boardroom. We bring everyone in — from our Client Services Coordinators to our web guy to our eBAM department. We used to avoid this, as we thought it a waste of time, say, for our Google Adwords guy to spend 10 minutes listening to a signage problem.

Yet we’re finding this keeps everyone engaged and on the ball. We work better together and save time explaining things later on. Ultimately, it helps us serve our clients better.

When you run an agile company that doesn’t have too much staff, you’d better make the most of it.

What are your favourite strategies for working smart rather than just hard?

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