Google Ads are all make and no brake!


We at BAM have a reputation of being progressive and we’re willing to not only go that extra mile for our clients, but to use untraditional methods to do so.

While many companies see this as high-risk, we’re confident enough in our team to look at the ever-changing technological landscape and adjust accordingly. This is why we remain in the fast lane. This is why we continue to rock our clients’ socks off.

As Google Adwords matures, we’ve managed to pinpoint a potential audience once deemed unreachable. While much of our clients’ traffic comes from signage, plenty of traffic comes from Google Ads. If you’re not striving to utilize the Internet to its full potential, you’re not only missing out on a vast market share, you might not be around in the next few years.

Google Ads is a major source of web traffic for many of our clients. The benefit is targeting highly specific homebuyer demographics – based on geography, and what they’re searching for – and tailor alternatives. Social media is a great new tool likely to stick around, but new campaigns take painstaking attention and investment to grow. Google Ads gives that much needed boost of popularity, instantly.

For example, if you’re looking for a townhome in Brampton, we’ll target you with an ad for a detached home with a garage for the same price or less, but 30 minutes away. It’s bait not every fish will bite, but it’s a whole new set of eyes, a whole new audience to entertain. It is aggressive and targeted and it gets results. People see us online when they wouldn’t have otherwise.

BAM understands this resource – it’s the biggest change in our industry to emerge in the past few years. We’re about embracing change and using the tools available to bridge the gap between client and consumer.

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