Managing Chaos, BAM-Style

Managing Chaos, BAM-Style

When a team has this much fun, it’s far more likely to support your company’s mission.

We’ve been very busy at BAM these last few weeks.

This is nothing new. It happens because we take on whatever we feel we must do for our clients. It happens because we’re not afraid of looming deadlines.

Of course, there are downsides to being this busy. Mistakes can be made if your team isn’t as solid as can be. And when you’re running this fast, mistakes can be costly — just like taking a turn too fast can be costly when you’re racing a car.

The single best way I know to prevent mistakes is to see to it you have a team which will not backfire on you. A team so strong, it can do whatever it takes to get the work done. A team where everyone weighs in. One that feels like a family, not just like work.

There’s no easy, fast way to do that. But over time, if you play as hard as you work, if you have an open door policy, if you have random giveaways and fun bets and crazy company days involving racing and circus performances — most importantly, if every single member knows their voice matters — then they will stand up to the challenge of getting the job done, BAM-style.

That’s why we don’t paint a rosy picture when we go through the hiring process. We want new hires to come in with their eyes open. We’d rather reject a thousand applicants and temporarily make do with too small a team until we find the one person who we’re fairly certain will belong. The one who will be willing to play hard, yes, but also to work hard, and to wear our tattoo come hell or high water — just like we wear our clients’.

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