Are You Thankful For Your Victories?

Everybody likes a victory.

Unfortunately, sometimes we forget to take a break from the everyday grind to bask in our victories and celebrate our successes.

At BAM, we work hard – as do our clients. Sometimes it feels like go-go-go, with not even enough time for a pat on the back after one success before we’re moving on to the next challenge. And so we’ve come to recognize the importance of taking a break to celebrate our hard work and accomplishments. This past week, we decided to reward our hard-working and successful client Empire Communities to help them do the same.


To help our client Empire Communities celebrate their tremendous successes and everything that made 2013 such a landmark year for them, we had this award made to present to them at a special lunch we hosted for their team.

Take our longstanding client Empire Communities.

In an already stellar trajectory, Empire had enough victories in 2013 alone to turn it into a landmark year. This includes launching Imagine, the most successful community in Niagara ever, as well as earning two EnerQuality Award nominations and using new technology in their outstanding Victory Showroom (a community which also won the BILD Award for Best Social Media Campaign).


BAM and Empire Communities celebrating a landmark year.

For all the hard work we put into these victories, we feel nothing but pride for our client and we are ecstatic that they should experience this many victories in such a short period (coincidentally, this year marks the company’s 20-year anniversary).

To celebrate such an impressive array of victories, this week we hosted a special lunch for Empire. This included a surprise 30 minutes of stand-up comedy by Gavin Stephens, a delicious meal, and of course the presentation of the award pictured above.

It’s just the BAM way of saying thanks for being our client.

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