Victory Demands Risks

As I said in my previous blog post, BAM and Empire Communities were about to have a baby. The baby is called Victory, and it was born this weekend as we opened by preview appointment only.

Empire's new kitchen

Empire’s new Live-in Kitchen looks rather like a kitchen you’d find in a condo, not a low-rise community. And that’s precisely why it aroused so much interest.

victory's touchscreen displays

We used touchscreen displays throughout the Sales Office.

In my last post I also asked whether Ontario homeowners were ready for homes that are a tad fresher than your average new home. I’m glad to report the numbers back this belief, as we sold quite a few homes this weekend — more than we’d anticipated.

Could this be the beginning of an era where Ontario homebuyers demand modern homes? Is it possible we’re witnessing the birth of a trend where people want to live in designer homes, not in downtown Toronto but in the outskirts as well?

While we’re probably not there yet, one thing is certain — given the somewhat pessimistic forecasts for the national real estate market, builders could use a fresh outlook if they are to continue to sell homes.

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