Adapt or Die: My article for Ontario Home Builder’s magazine

In an article I wrote for the latest issue of Ontario Home Builder magazine, I took a look at the changing landscape of technology in real estate marketing. The article explores basic marketing principles like knowing your audience, but discusses how technology can vastly improve marketing homes to certain demographics and coming up with new and innovative ways to solve the hurdles of traditional marketing. The new marketing 101.

Read the entire article:


John's OHB Magazine article Winter 2014 - scan of published copy

Marketing Today: Customization

I came across a couple of articles on companies that are finding success in providing customizable options on their products. This technique works well in the building industry too. In the past, marketing meant creating a product and finding the ways to persuade people to buy it. With the advent of communication and production technology, there is no need for pushy sales tactics; you can just give people what they want. Why should a hamburger at Harvey’s be more customizable than major purchases like a house or a car?

Profit Guide wrote an article about customization across all industries.

You can also read about our own success with customization in the building industry with The Orchard.

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