Adapt or Die: My article for Ontario Home Builder’s magazine

In an article I wrote for the latest issue of Ontario Home Builder magazine, I took a look at the changing landscape of technology in real estate marketing. The article explores basic marketing principles like knowing your audience, but discusses how technology can vastly improve marketing homes to certain demographics and coming up with new and innovative ways to solve the hurdles of traditional marketing. The new marketing 101.

Read the entire article:


John's OHB Magazine article Winter 2014 - scan of published copy

Empire’s New Green Signature: ECO2

One of Ontario’s leading green builders now has a new green signature that team BAM has designed: introducing Empire’s ECO2 . Purchasers can now spot the logo to be reminded of Empire’s many new green options. Every single Empire homeowner can expect an ECO2 home well above ENERGY STAR standards with also the opportunity to upgrade with the new ECOnomical and ECOlogical packages. The packages are exciting for purchasers as there are many options that are not typically available to homeowners such as solar panels that you can use to sell energy back to the grid and get paid. We found that ECO2 was the perfect brand to effectively communicate the ECOlogical and ECOnomical benefits from an award-winning green builder.

To reach the final brand, our team went through a thorough marketing process that included idea, strategy, and artwork. The strategy behind ECO2 was to differentiate Empire from other builders on the sustainability front. Purchasers, more than ever strive to live healthily as much as saving money. By designing a green brand that was as simple, purchasers can be more well-informed in choosing their packages.

You can read more about ECO2 here.

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